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"Like House" Calls

This is how it all began...and our community keeps growing!


The passionate discover each other.  Our community of "Like Houses" has remained connected over the decades in huge thanks to Ken Sommer, Director of Advancement at George Mark Children's House. He has diligently scheduled our "Like House" calls every couple of months;  originally a conference call and recently virtual meetings so we can all see each other.

These calls have been incredibly valuable for our community of existing and emerging grassroots programs to feel inspired, share learnings, vent frustrations, and dream of improvements in support of our children and families.

EVERYONE is WELCOME:  If you would like to be included in the invite and receive the link to participate, please email Ken Sommer directly at:

"Like House" Calls - 2024 Schedule

(Times are PST)

2/5/24 Mon. @ 1pm

4/4/24 Thurs. @ 9am

6/3/24 Mon. @ 1pm

8/1/24 Thurs @ 9am

10/7/24 Mon. @ 1pm

12/5/24 Thurs @ 9am 

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